Not your average roof sign

Digital, dynamic, smart

The iToplight is a taxi roof light like no other. Instead of just indicating that the vehicle is a taxi the iToplight is a new communication channel to your customers, potential customers and the public. With a clear and bright multicolor display, the iToplight lets you show if your taxi is vacant or not in multiple languages. It also allows you to show fares / pricing, special offers, public messages, advertising or practically anything you want.

Pointguard iToplight D-300 Smart Taxi Roof Sign


Get noticed...

With an iToplight on the roof it is no longer hard to stand out and get noticed. One thing that we often hear from our iToplight customers around the world is that they are so pleased with the sign because people see them and remember them for it. And by getting remembered they get more traction and more customers.

Also, it has never been more clear to customers if a taxi is vacant or not. With the iToplight noone ever needs to wonder about the status of your taxis anymore. And no longer will anyone get offended when they cannot hail a passing taxi. Increased clarity gives happier customers, no doubt about it!

Dispatch integration or app control

Automatic or full control

The iToplight can be controlled in three different ways. It can be integrated with the taximeter and fleet management system of your car. In that case the FMS gets full control of your iToplight and can be used to show all kinds of messages fully automatic.

If you want more local control the iToplight also has its own app, available for both Android and iOS. Using hardware triggers it's also possible to make the iToplight switch automatically between, e.g., busy and vacant and let the app control other messages like booking number.

Control your iToplight taxi sign from Pointguard's app for iOS and Android
Show your taxi's status using Pointguard's smart taxi lights

Quality in every detail

The iToplight is no average roof sign. Not only because the functionality is far more versatile than standard roof signs, but also because it is a high quality roof sign in every detail.

The heart of the iToplight is the smart display. The diodes of the display have carefully been chosen to leverage high light output at a low driving current. They have excellent heat resistance properties and by driving them far from their maximum capacity the life expectancy is maximized.

The iToplight plastics are made of high quality poly carbonate (PC)

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