iToplight - Features

The iToplight hardware, custom app and cloud solution provide a number smart features that will make your taxi roof light stand out from the rest, help you get more rides and increase your revenue.


Customers can now clearly see and understand if your taxis are booked, vacant or busy


Use the iToplight to always show the correct fare or tariff. This gives less room for arguments and happier customers.


The iToplight can automatically switch between multiple languages, e.g. your local language and English


The iToplight statuses and messages are fully customizable and can be controlled either from the taximeter, in car computer or from a mobile app


Smart Geozone control in the iToplight lets you show any message automatically when the vehicle enters a certain geozone.


Pre-configure a message and include dynamic content like a booking number, name or fare fetched from your system, or entered into the app.


The iToplight Cloud features a content store with premade graphics and messages suitable for different occasions and holidays.


The iToplight has advanced scheduling functionality that can be configured to suit all needs.


Combine multiple playlists into long multilists that can be used for demo purposes or when the vehicle is parked for a long time.


Online data available from other API:s can be utilized to be used as a part of iToplight messages and updated in real-time.


By supporting firmware updates over the air (OTA) your iToplight is ready also for smart future functionality.


In the iToplight Cloud a live dashboard shows the current location and status of your iToplights and vehicles.

Catch more customers

Many taxi roof signs don't even succeed in the most fundamental task of any taxi sign: to show if the taxi is vacant of not. A lot of people are unsure of when a taxi is vacant, and it can be a real mystery for tourists. This unclarity can cost you many valuable rides and cause you to miss out on revenue. The iToplight solves this by clearly showing the status of the taxi both in words and with colors. If that isn't clear enough, it also supports multiple languages, so everyone can understand.

The iToplight taxi sign shows the status of the taxi with bright status LEDs
Pointguard's iToplight taxi roof light can show dynamic pricing

Dynamic Price Information

Pricing can often vary in the taxi business depending on, e.g., time of day, location, etc. Unclarity about the current price can often lead to unhappy customers, which may result in arguments, public complaints or sometimes even violence.

With the iToplight you can clearly show which tariff is currently active, or other types of dynamic price information. The customer knows what pricing to expect even before they enter the taxi, which greatly reduces the risk for arguments and complaints.

Multiple languages

With the iToplight you can easily show your status and other messages in both your local language and, e.g, English for tourists. Or maybe you have multiple local languages that you want to use? The iToplight can be programmed to automatically show the same message in as many languages as you want.

The iTopligth's built-in font supports a large number of special characters and if that is not enough, it is also possible to create any custom message as a 1-bit bitmap or as a full-color image. That way any possible local characters or glyphs can be created.

The iToplight taxi sign lets you show your message in multiple languages
The messages on Pointguard's iToplight taxi roof signs are fully customizable

Fully Customizable

With easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools you can build your own messages and playlists.

Modify color, background, scroll, duration and transitions to make your message look just like you want it. Or create an image in your favorite image editor and then import it into the iToplight Cloud. A handy live-test feature lets you review your message on a real iToplight before sending it to your whole fleet.


With clever "GeoAutomations" you can make the iToplight show a special playlist or message automatically when it enters or leaves a certain geo zone (geo fence). Using the integrated editor you can create and edit your own geo zones, simply by clicking at a map. Then, after selecting a geo zone, just drag-and-drop the playlists that you would like to show. It's as easy as that! All the hard work is done in the background automatically.

iToplight GeoAutomation animation
The iToplight D-200 taxi sign has a lot of space for advertising

Dynamic Content

Integrate the iToplight with your dispatch system and you can get booking numbers, customer names, tariffs or current pricing to be shown automagically on your iToplight. You prepare the message in advance, color, scrolling, and other presentation. Then the dynamic parameter gets its value from the dispatch system.

If you don't have a dispatch system, or if your system provider is not yet integrated with Pointguard, then you can easily insert booking number or name via the iToplight app.

Content Store

Although you can create your own messages and playlists, there are times when it is much easier to get some professional content. The iToplight Cloud platform has a content store where you can buy messages and playlists from a number categories, e.g., common holidays.

New content is added regularly and if you are looking for something special you can always submit a request to the content team.

The iToplight Cloud has a nice content store
The iToplight supports advanced scheduling that combines a number of properties

Advanced Scheduling

For real power users, advanced scheduling can be used activate a certain message when a combination of different conditions like, e.g., time, location, external triggers, etc. Want to show one type of ads when your taxis are vacant and in the city center and another when they are at the airport? No problem. Or prioritize the status message more when the taxi is vacant than when it is hired? That can be done too.

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