The iToplight display can be customized to show any information at any given time, so the possibilities are practically endless. But knowing that, what should you show and how, what are some good examples of messages that people commonly use their iToplights to show?
Well, it is up to you to decide, but to give you an idea we have categorized some common examples of iToplight messages below.

The iToplight smart taxi sign can show many different types of messages
Pointguard's iToplight taxi sign can show if your taxi is vacant or not - in multiple languages


The first and most obvious type of message to communicate to your customers is the status of your taxi. Many people don't know the conventions used in different countries to communicate if a taxi is vacant or not using a standard taxi roof light. The iToplight makes it ever so clear by showing in clear text if the taxi is vacant, hired, booked, on call, etc.

In most countries tourists are a common client group for the taxi industry. By automatically switching between two languages the iToplight can make the status clear for tourists and natives alike.

Booking Number

When the customer comes out from the station late at night in the cold and sees ten similar looking taxis it can be really hard and tiresome to find the right pre booked taxi. This can make the customer annoyed even before getting into the taxi and if they get into the wrong taxi you risk losing your customer. With the iToplight this i no longer a problem. The iToplight can show booking numbers (integration or app) or customer names (integration), whichever you prefer, and customers can now directly find the right taxi with just a glance.

Booking numbers can be sent automatically if the iToplights are integrated to your dispatch system, or sent manually using the iToplight controller app.

The iToplight smart taxi sign from Pointguard can show the customer's booking number automatically
Pointguard's iToplight smart taxi light can show pricing information on the display


If you run fixed price trips, e.g. between the airport and the city, the iToplight can clearly show the price of the trip to reduce risk of bargaining and huckstering. Being clear with the pricing will also reduce the risk for argumentation and complaints later on. If you don't run at a fixed price, you can instead show which tariff is currently in use.

You can also show if card payments are accepted, or if there is cash only, which will also reduce the risk for arguments when it's time for payment.


If a driver gets in a hostile situation and wants to get a silent alarm out to the public so they can alarm the police, the iToplight can show an ALARM-message on the display. Else it can be programmed to make a more discrete indication, like flashing with the status diodes, to notify other drivers that there is a problem in the car.

Thanks to the integration, the iToplight can be connected to existing alarm-buttons in the car and pass on the alarm signal to the dispatch system, security cameras or other equipment in the car.

The iToplight smart taxi signs from Pointguard can show an alarm message to alert the public that the driver is in danger
Earn revenue by showing taxi advertising on Pointguard's iToplight D-300 smart taxi sign


The new full color screen on the iToplight D-300 is perfect for showing advertisements. Do you get a loot of bookings by phone? Then show your Phone number. Want to get more visitors to your web? Communicate your URL...

And you are not limited to promoting your own company. Get revenue from external companies by running their ads. Communicate the latest offers from local stores, promote a concert, run short term campaigns. The iToplight is extremely visible and if you have more than a few cars with iToplights the effect will be striking.

Public Information

Apart from commercial advertisements the iToplight is also an excellent communicator of public information, like news, or information from the local authorities. With a number of iToplights around the city the iToplight network will provide one of the most visible and direct channels to the public in case of emergencies.

Or connect the iToplight to the iFleetsense sensor platform and show real time air pollution data and notify the public if and when air pollution levels reach critical levels.

The iToplight smart taxi signs from Pointguard can show sensor data and other public information in Smart cities
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