iToplight 2.0 Pointguard's iToplight D-300 smart taxi light


The D-300 is a massive upgrade of the popular D-100. With a full-color RGB display and 3x pixel count, the D-300 not only shows statuses and pricing, but can show company logos and advertising. It also offers dual displays for maximum visibility!

INTEGRATED ADVERTISING Pointguard's iToplight D-200 smart taxi roof sign with integrated advertising


Take the brilliant D-100, add an integrated dual sided advertising sign and you have the D-200. You also get two more illuminated zones and a status LED bar that enhances the status LEDs on the front sign.

INTEGRATED MAG-FIXING Pointguard's iToplight D-500 smart taxi roof sign


The D-500 has the same bright 3-color display as the D-100, but has an integrated magnet fixing. It also features status LEDs on the back corners and an illuminated TAXI-zone on the back.



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