Make your smart taxi system smarter

Do you want to make your smart taxi system even smarter and more feature rich? An integration to the iToplight adds value and smartness to your product by providing an interface to the outside of the vehicle for interaction with the public.
Show any information at any given time and any given event. Use sensors and other information from your system to decide when to show what. Show pricing, booking information, advertisements, public information and more.

Make your taxi system smarter by integrating with Pointguard's iToplight smart taxi signs
Pointguard's iToplight smart taxi signs are already integrated with several taxi systems

Quick and simple

Integrating with the iToplight is a fast and simple process. The easiest way is to integrate a serial output (RS232 or Bluetooth) from your device to the iToplights bluetooth interface. The protocol is straight forward and if your developers have integrated towards another serial device this is no different.
Several dispatch and taximeter companies have already made their products smarter by integrating with the iToplight. Do as CERT Telematics, Cabman International, Megtax, Holmedal, Blue Lion Solutions, OTT/CenCom and many more - add the iToplight to your taxi system.

Earn from the iToplight

Apart from adding value to your own product offering, becoming an iToplight integration partner can also give revenue through kickback.

Pointguard offers integration partners a fair cut on all iToplights that are sold through our integration partners, either directly or through warm welcome.

For partners that want to take a more active role in iToplight sales, Pointguard can offer demo units, marketing and sales material and support, all to facilitate your efforts to get iToplights on the market along with your products.

Partners that integrate their taxi products with Pointguard's smart taxi signs can earn revenue
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